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My name is Aaron M. Gates and for as long as I remember, I have been destined to be involved in theatre. As a one-year-old, in a playpen, I made my ‘stage debut’ watching my parents build the set for a community theatre production of Hello, Dolly!

I have been involved with countless shows since then, developing my on-stage skills and passion while gaining a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the various aspects of theatre.

I am an actor. I have a passion for entertaining; whether that be on stage, in film, or even cracking jokes with my friends and family. Recently I have become interested in voice-over work and am excited to learn more about it. In May of 2021 I will obtain a BFA in Acting from Ohio University.

“Aaron M. Gates is an exciting young actor to work with. Very focused, very professional, always prepared.”

-ameenah Kaplan                                          (Residential Director for The Lion King at Disney)